Frequently Asked Questions
What are the qualifications required for bareboat sailing yacht charters in Greece?
The qualifications required (by the Greek port authorities) to charter a bareboat sailing yacht in Greece are at least for one crewmember (skipper) to have a sailing certificate proving his/ her competence (necessary) and a crewmember (co-skipper) with adequate sailing experience (optional). This certificate can be issued by sailing clubs and sailing schools.
The license of the skipper can be exceptionally replaced by a self-declaration form since in several countries no certificates are compulsory. In this case, the skipper declares that he/ she has sailing experience as well as he/ she will be liable of the yacht and crew. The sailor’s sailing resume will facilitate our company to assess his/ her ability to sail in safety. Indeed, Cretan Yachts reserves the right not to allow the embarkation in case your sailing experience is not adequate and thereupon to suggest a professional skipper.
When do I need to hire a professional skipper/ hostess?
A local skipper is necessary if you do not fulfil the above bareboat criteria. Still, it is common for people to hire a local skipper just because they want to avoid all “captain’s duties” and enjoy carefree vacations or because they need a skipper/ guide to disclose hidden places and local customs. Cretan Yachts is in the position to select, recommend and hire, on your behalf, a professional skipper for as many days as you wish to. There is a daily fee for the skipper (contact us) regardless of the number of people on board or the yacht type selected. The skipper is usually sleeping in his own cabin, as his main job is to navigate, moor and look after the yacht and the crew giving priority to safety.
Which days of the week could I begin and end my charter?
Most charters have duration of 1 week (or multiples), begin on Saturday 17:00 and end next Saturday 09:00. However, you will be required to return into the pre-arranged base on the last evening of your charter period since this time is necessary for the standard technical checking between charters. In this way, we ensure that our boats are in perfect condition for the next charter. Although the weekly schedule is preferable, Cretan Yachts is a family run organisation with flexible policies - always striving to accommodate your wishes for different days/ periods such as departure on any week day and/ or ten, eleven or twelve-day charter (if possible).
What is included into the charter fee? Are there any additional charges?
Charter fees include the rental cost of the yacht, inventory equipment, insurance of yacht, VAT (all taxes), dock fees of the first and last day of charter, check-in/ check-out, towels and linen. On the contrary, charter fees do not include the damage deposit (refundable security caution), the fuel (the yacht should be delivered topped up with fuel), the port or marina fees (this is a daily-base fee which applies to almost all ports in Greece with varied costs) and any optional extras that you might have ordered upon request such as spinnaker, windsurf etc. Cretan Yachts guarantees you will have no unpleasant surprises (additional charges) since all costs accounted for in advance.
What if I wish to cancel my charter?

The cancellation policy of Cretan Yachts is clearly described in the charter conditions of the contract (charterparty) as below:

a) For bookings cancelled 99 days or more before departure then 3% (dossier's expenses) or minimum 300 Euro are retained.
b) For bookings cancelled 98-60 days before departure then 30% of the yacht fees are retained.
c) For bookings cancelled 59-30 days before departure then 50% of the yacht fees are retained.
d) For bookings cancelled 29-0 days before departure then 100% of the yacht fees are retained.

What is the inventory list? I have questions, how could I get the answers?
Yachts are delivered to the charterers according to a detailed list (INVENTORY) that includes all items and every operating system onboard. Charterers should pay special attention to this procedure examining all parts and the entire equipment of the yacht. Signing of the inventory list and the take-over form justifies the absolute acceptance of the vessel. The same detailed list of the inventory is the basis of the delivery and re-delivery of the boat. Additional questions about the preferred itinerary, local cruising grounds, prevailing weather conditions, anchorages or anything you need can be freely answered.
What happens during check-in and check-out?
The check-in includes, above all, the guest’s acquaintance with the yacht and its characteristics with the presence of Cretan Yachts staff or its representatives. In this procedure you will receive a copy of the yacht's inventory and you will be asked to check that all the items/ equipment listed are available and in proper working condition. If any part is not included or is not in a good order, you need to note it to the inventory list. In such way, you will not be charged for any loss or damage that you are not liable for. You will be also informed about anything you need to know about the yacht and its equipment and you will have plenty of time to ask anything you do not understand or wish to know.
The check-out is a similar process (made by the same people) checking back the boat for any damage or loss at your disembarkation though.
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